My neighbor and masturbation

My neighbor and masturbation

My neighbor and masturbation

I have always had a thing for my neighbor Mrs. Laura ever since I was younger. She always seems to turn me on whenever I see or think about her. She is about 5’10 ", very slim, smally perky tits, nice tight round ass, and short blonde hair. She is in her later 40s and still sexy as hell. I have masturbated to the thought of her and fantasizing about her forever. I cant even count the number of times I have shot my load just thinking and fantasizing about her.

Even writing this story is getting me hard just thinking about her. So one hot summer day Mrs. Laura is out in her back yard tending to the lawn and garden as she typically does. I happen to just be getting out of the shower when I see her out there through my window in my bedroom. She is wearing short spandex shorts showing the perfect shape of her ass with a tight top which also shows her perfect perky tits just reading to be sucked on by me I always hope. She keeps bending over and making me feel like I always to whenever I see her. My cock begins to get as hard as a rock and I decide why not just wank it right here the perfect time. I begin to jerk off right in the window trying to be discreet, but secretly wanting her to catch me to see her reaction. After about 10 minutes of jerking it she gets up and happens to look up in the window and I move away quickly, but I do not think it is quick enough. I am thinking at this point shit she defintiley saw me. I say fuck it and at this point I just finish off and shoot my load getting my rocks off.

A few minutes later Mrs. Laura knocks on the door and what is going through my head at this point is shit again is she coming over because she saw me jerking off in the window. So I go and answer the door and there she is same outfit she had on looking sexy as hell like usual. I say hi and ask her how she is doing. She responds by saying I am doing fine, but I can see that you were enjoying yourself up there huh. I play dumb like what is she talking about. She says its ok not too worry she saw me up there masturbating and that it really turned her on and she felt very flattered that I found her attractive enough to jerk it to. 

I was so relieved and happy she said this. I got even happier when she asked if she could come in because she wanted to take part in helping me continue masturbating. I said I had already cum from what I was doing before watching her. She said thats alright you can do it again your young I am sure I can get that cock nice and hard so you can shoot your load all over my face. 

So I took full advantage of this situation. She took my cock in her mouth sucking it and I was soo hard at this point I thought I was going to expload and I made her stop so I could return the favor and lick her pussy. I did so and after a little while she was moaning and came I think like two times.Afterwards she hopped right on top of me and slid her wet pussy on my hard 8 " cock, which felt so good. I had her cumming after like 15 minutes and we did everything she told me to fuck her doggystle, she road my cock, and she even let me put my cock in her ass, whcih I had never done before, but it felt awesome. Later she had me cumming right after that and she told me to cum on her face and tits, which I gladly did.

After all of this I didn’t need to secretly masturbate to her from the window anymore. We would just fuck each other anytime that we needed since we both lived close by.

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My neighbor and masturbation